Now when the new arduino for meag1280 is relased, the next step should be the lpc2148 arm. Does any have any thoughts around this, if this is possible etc...

I am missing the options of threading as well in the arduino language.. with
thread1 = new thread(sketch2);

where all the code which would be run is inside the method void run() and is stored in a seperate sketch file, sketch2

and also file handling on sd card:

filehandle1 =fopen(">a:\test.txt");
filehandle1.read(0,1024);// read 1024 character from pos 0 etc...

similar would also be great for spi and i2c

Well any thougts around this?

I think this is a great idea and have been yearning for some more CPU ponies in an Arduino-type package.

I def think moving to an ARM would make the most sense, esp one with on board USB & Ethernet. I'd want to see an easy add on module (or included in the board) an audio codec, and a video codec, and in an ideal world an add on DSP daughterboard 8-).

I'm actually trying to get some funding to get some PCBs made so I can play around with an ARM and a DSP. mediArduino anyone?