Dear all:
Actually I have started a project with Arduino and unfortunately after 2-3 days searching through internet, I even did not get a good idea how to do the connections and programming.
I have a LS7266R1 quadrature counter and I want to connect it to an encoder connected to a motor. the encoder is HEDS-5500 with the data sheet bellow.
Then using Arduino, I want to read the position of motor shaft.
I have read the LS7266R1 data sheet attached to this post but still don’t know how to do the connection. Also, I wish I had a sample code in hand for this.
I somehow need a kind of instruction for this and I myself couldn’t find good materials in the internet.
Thanks a lot.

AV02-1046EN_DS_HEDM-55xx_2014-11-20.pdf (462 KB)

LS7266R1.pdf (227 KB)

In most cases you can connect the encoders directly to an Arduino, you’ll find related code and more in a forum search for “encoder”. Only very high encoder step rates require dedicated counter hardware.

Your quadrature counter is not suited for use with microcontrollers, can you find one with SPI or I2C interface?
The parallel interface of that counter requires to read the data bits (D0-D7) on 8 input pins, convert them into a byte, then concatenate three bytes into a 24 bit position. The same for the second axis. Some Arduinos (Mega…) allow to input 8 bits in parallel, into a port. This would give you a byte a once, and thus simplify and speed up reading the positions.