Mac Mega R3 2560 Upload Errors

Hi all,

This is my first attempt at anything Arduino (on my 3D printer) and when uploading from my Macbook Pro I get a BIG!!! error message. I have gone over my wiring and all seems fine. The board is blinking green, I set the correct board in the tool settings as well as the correct port as mentioned in various threads here.

I grabbed the Marlin_RAMPS firmware as suggested by the printer manufacturer and opened in the Arduino IDE software.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

I'm on a Macbook Pro running El Capitan if that info is needed.

Here is the error message.

Thanks in advance,


Here's a link to a text document with the MASSIVE error code. This forum restricts the length of messages and the error is so long it exceeds the limit. This isn't a virus or anything malicious, I promise.

I ended up trying on a borrowed PC and it worked fine so it must be some Mac issue.