Make an arduino controlled LED matrix smart with home assistant - possible?

Hello everyone,

I just ordered a LED matrix and an arduino mega to controll it. Now it came to my mind that it would be great if it was possible to make it smart and integrate it into home assistant.
Has anyone here already done this? Found basically nothing on google nor anyone on reddit. Maybe it is just not possible maybe not many people want it.

I know this is not really the right place for this question but Iā€™m just desperetly trying to find someone who did this :slight_smile:


not sure Arduino mega can help you (at least without extra shields). However, you can find some example with ESP32-based devices. For example:

Technically, the action on your home assistant is decoupled from the device. However, I guess the device must be reachable on your local network and serve http requests. Esp32 microcontrollers are great for that because they embed wifi connectivity and web server libraries.

Hope this helps

I never used ESP32 but if the requirement is network controllable then a RPi should work as well right?

Yes, I think so. I found an article that might be interesting for you: Building an Action for Google Assistant: Getting Started |