Make Your Own Arduino

This is an arduino microcontroller I made on a perfboard. I call it a Perfduino.

Step by step build instructions can be found at my website


I hope to do a perf board project someday, and this was informative for me.

I am so glad it was helpful for you! If you have any questions feel free to post them here or on the website!

Where did you get that perfboard? I looked all over the place and didn’t come across one like it.

I got it at a retail store You Do It Electronics. Here is a link to their website, though I have never used their website to buy anything. The package for the board says "Datak Experimenter's Univ. Protoboard with center buses std component spaced No. 12-611" Other perfboards should work fine for this project though. Sparkfun's boards have individual pads you can bridge together with wire or solder: ProtoBoard - Rectangle 3" - PRT-08815 - SparkFun Electronics or you can use their wired board with cuttable traces: ProtoBoard - Rectangle Wired 3" - PRT-08812 - SparkFun Electronics Additionally you could use the "DIY Arduino Sheild Kit" from adafruit and just use it to make your perfduino: DIY shield for Arduino : ID 187 : $6.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits One of our members at Revolt Lab will be posting an article soon about finding good parts on the cheap. It should be up this coming week so keep checking the blog!

Thanks for the board reference. I've been looking for something to mount a 328 and an XBee on for sensors and controls; that board looks perfect. Using an entire arduino for something like this gets too expensive. Nice project writeup. I'll be interested in what you come up with for sources.

You are most welcome! Glad to help the spread of knowledge in any way I can. Thanks for the compliment. You are right about the cost of arduino boards. I actually had to make this one in order to continue developing the Revolt Lab laser tag training system ( is for sale | HugeDomains ). The parts sourcing article should be up on the site Monday or Tuesday. After that is up, we will also be expanding the "Supplies" section of the Knowledge page.

coool :slight_smile:

Thought I would share and compare my version of a step by step perfboard arduino from last year,

It too used the sparkfun serial, but included a built in pin 13 LED, with jumper disable.

Thanks fkeel!

Boz, very nice board. It looks perfect for breadboards! Is there any kind of pin label?

I have been doing the same thing but with wirewrap sockets.

I only have 10 pins of IO as that's all was using - GND, Tx in, +5in from 1 of the CCAs, and +5 out to the other CCA, and 3 control lines out to each CCA
I can solder a few pins in place to hold the parts and have it all wirewrapped up very quickly.
Used the instructions here to download a bootloader so I could then download a sketch into blank parts.
Requires some downloading, unzipping, moving files around, and adding 4 pins to a deumilanove.

Very cool CrossRoads! I might add a step at the beginning of the perfduino walk through explaining how to use a raw chip!