Making a Perfume Bottle Spray with Arduino!

Hi everyone,

I have not idea how to go about doing this but......

what i need to do is make a perfume bottle (atomiser) spray when it senses motion.

The motion sensing i will do via Max/Msp or a motion sensor straight into Arduino.

I would love to hear some suggestions on how to get this done?



Various options depending on stuff like, is perfume container pressurized expulsion or manual push button/pump expulsion? How long must it spray for?
For a pressurized container a servo armature may be enough to depress button or maybe a cam on the end of a geared motor/stepper shaft. For manual atomizers maybe a solenoid or peristaltic pump.

A piezo disc will work as an atomizer; that's the technique that some battery powered air fresheners use. As another option it might be possible to hack an old inkjet cartridge to do the spraying. Or like Riva's idea with the old-fashioned atomizers you could just use a servo to push on the bulb/nozzle.

Thanks for you input guys, I think i'm going to try the sevro idea first seen how i get on!

will post back with results,