Making Animations on OLED display - free software

Hello! I created software which can create animations from any black and white GIF.
Feel free to test it and use . Here is video where you can see how to use software.

Download links are in the description of video:

Thanks for your video.

Many of the example icons are 50x50. If you resize to 48x48 in monochrome you get fuzzy lines.
They look much better as 50x50

IrfanView creates BMP files correctly. Each row always starts on a 4-byte boundary. Which means that a 50-pixel width uses 8 bytes per row. i.e. 50 bits data with 14 bits zero padding.

The Adafruit_GFX monochrome drawBitmap() method always starts a row on a byte boundary. e.g. 50 bits with 6 bits zero padding.

Your utility inverts the bits in the .BMP data and stores them without any padding. i.e. it only works if you resize to 48, 56, 64, ... (where padding is not needed)

It is easy enough to write your own drawBitmap() function that copes without padding.
But it would be simpler for your utility to align rows on 8-bit boundaries.

Do you have a GitHub repository? Please PM me.