Making my keyboard wireless

I have a USB keyboard that I really like, and I just wish it was wireless. I have googled around, but have not found anything such as a "USB cable wireless replacement". I think that it's really odd that I don't find any such product.

Anyhow - then I think that I could build some Arduino thing to solve this. USB in, Bluetooth out, basically. Or in other words - I want to turn my keyboard into a Bluetooth keyboard.

Has anybody done this? Is this really difficult to do? I'm a beginner at Arduino, so I don't really have a grasp on it.

Thanks for any feedback!

This is not as easy a project as you think. The keyboard would need to be connected to a USB Host shield attached to the Arduino. Then, you'd need to write a driver to get data from the keyboard.

Then, you'd send key information (don't forget modifier keys like control, alt, shift, etc. or the function keys) to the bluetooth device.

That would need to transmit the data to the PC, which would then need to send the data to an application that converts the data back to the format that the existing keyboard driver outputs.

Buy a wireless keyboard. It'll be cheaper.

Thanks for your answer. I guess I'm in over my head on this one. Anyway, the keyboard I have is Kinesis Advantage from the company Kinesis. It's a really special keyboard, so buying a wireless keyboard is not an option for me. Oh well... if I sometime have too much spare time I might look into this...

You can do what you want, but its not cheap. You need a wireless USB extender like the one below. The reasons these devices are expensive is that extending USB over wireless is a very hard thing to do mainly due to the tight timing requirements that USB has.

Have you seen this ? It is much cheaper than the other one mentioned in this thread but it's still a bit pricey. I would much rather make my own :)