Making programs for your cell phone


Anybody here trying to make programs for cell phones ? I am trying to lean to program my cell phone ( Nokia 5130 express music ) , I learn my cell phone use Java ME , ( MIDP -- CLDC - try the Hello World example on my phone ) and I am using Netbeans IDE. I found it is more difficult to make / code programs in JAVA ME, and I trying to learn JAVA also. I find Arduino more easy to learn than Java ME. I did a code in C++ ( no WIN app, just a console app ) to generated a set of random numbers to help selecting lotery numbers. A bit like "a quick pick". I am planning/trying to do the same for my cell phone. NOT EASY.... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyway, sorry for "rant"ing here.

FYI sometime ago the Processing community (Java based) launched a mobile Processing, which you can use to create Java-based cell phones. I tried it a couple times but you know the Java-based phones are not very fancy and I happened to have just a moto-razor so I only made a few buttons and printed out a few numbers. Processing is easier than using netbeans.

Mobile Processing... I should look this up. Thank liudr.

Here a "Hello World" example for a CLDC in Java ME.

It look like to me it use a library just like the LCD library for example.

Anyway, I am still not giving up...

Updated :

Sorry guys that I was not on-line for a while, I was busy trying to program my cell phone. And I DID IT !!! I program a Lotery Number Generator. It simply generated a set of random numbers ( kind of a "quick pick"). My app work ( on my cell phone Nokia 5130 Express Music ), I use Netbeans 7 and program it in Java Me. I try the Processing Mobile, unfortunaly, it did not work. A error message saying about the path of the Java Me compiler. So I stick with Netbeans.

Anyway, I learn a lot. I learn some Java and Java Me. Buying books about it help a lot. It will help my programing skills.

Glad you took a first step towards programming a phone. I am expecting the next big thing, programming an android phone/tablet and control an arduino with it.

Glad you took a first step towards programming a phone. I am expecting the next big thing, programming an android phone/tablet and control an arduino with it.

Yep...that if I can afford a Android phone. It was interresting to program my phone using Java Me. I am assuming to control an Arduino using Android probably using libraries, I will be looking into it,and I wonder if it possible ... my phone to control an Aduino...just curious.

If your phone has a bluetooth link and you can use it, …

If your phone has a bluetooth link and you can use it, ...

Yes, my phone does has a bluetooth setting...( I bet it is connect to the USB port - I read about Android & Arduino ) I just visit my cell phone manufacturer to check my phone ( 5130 ) if I can connect a bluetooth device... Answer : yes and after choose the "developper" link to check my phone ( 5130 ) feature "datasheet" to program it.... It possible to program a bluetooth device ( I hope - I will learn it ) , and try to send/received data from/to a bluetooth device. I just need to buy the bluetooth device from a Rogers store ( where they sell my phone - I have a Pay-has-you-Go ) for my phone. Next step, buy a Bluetooth shield for the Arduino - that I don't know where to buy that shield and how to program it. I will learn it.

That is a lot of learning along the way.

I got this one. Works fine for me:

You need this shield:


Thank for the link. That will take care of the hardware side of the Arduino. ( Still looking the software side of the Arduino ).

About the requirement to program a( mine ) cell phone using a bluethooth to communicate with the Arduino, You need the API - JSR 82 - the bluetooth library. I just download it, try to install it ( that part I having a hard time to learn how to install a API to Netbeans 7 ) and I download my cell phone emulator ( from Nokia Develloper ) my phone data :

I just found the bluetooth on my phone. My next step is to buy the shield and blutooth , program the Arduino and my cell phone and try to communicated with each others.

Great! The shield and bluetooth bee part is easy.

What about the others members… to use their cell phone ( with bluetooth ) to send/receive data from/to an Arduino… You don’t need an Android phone… ( even if you do ) you still need to get the API JSR 82, an IDE to program your cell phone ( Netbeans is OK ) and learning JAVA ME. Next, to install to your phone is easy. Just “past” the file *.JAR and *.JAD from the IDE projects directory and “copy” them into your cell phone files directory. Yep… THAT easy… But programing JAVA ME is not easy…

Here a “Barebones” Java Me code.

 * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
 * and open the template in the editor.
package thebarebone;

import javax.microedition.lcdui.*; // <-- The Display "Library"
import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
import javax.bluetooth.*; // <--- The bluetooth "library"

 * @author Serge J Desjardins
public class BareboneMidlet extends MIDlet implements CommandListener
    private Display thedisplay; // <-- To display the form
    private Form theform; // <-- You need a form to show the data
    private Command exitcmd; // <--you need to exit the apps
    public void startApp()
      theform = new Form("The Bare Bone Display");  
      thedisplay = Display.getDisplay(this);
      exitcmd = new Command("EXIT / SORTIE", Command.EXIT,0);
    public void commandAction(Command c, Displayable d) 
    public void pauseApp() {
    public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) {