Malfunctioning proximity sensor?


I have an inductive proximity sensor that I'm trying to connect to the Arduino to use as a speed reader for a vehicle.

I think it works internally (as in, the sensor light is on when I put metal in front of the sensor, and off otherwise).

The problem lies with the output voltage - it's 4,9 V when it's on, but 3,7 V when it's off. (Shouldn't it be 0 V when off?)

When connecting it to my Arduino digital PIN, and then using digitalRead() to get the PIN state, it's always LOW.

Could you guys point me to some ways of troubleshooting this?

The sensor is requiring 10 - 36 V in, I'm using a 15 V battery.


Need to see your code and cct diagram.

Did you use a voltage divider to reduce the prox output voltage to Arduino voltage levels? Grounds tied together?