Manage servo motor and stepper motor at the same time

Hi guys, I need help with a project! How can I manage a stepper motor with a servo at the same time?
I'll explain..
I would like the servo motor to rotate 10 degrees each complete rotation of 360 degrees of the stepper motor.
the stepper motor in question is the generic one that is inside the kits.
How do I write the code to handle all 2 things ????

What code do you have? Post it (use code tags) and tell us what it does that differs from what you expect.

Stepper has say 200 steps per rotation, so every 200 steps you move the servo 10 degrees - in other words, you move the servo by 10/200 = 0.05 degrees for every step the stepper takes.

Then you just calculate and write the new angle to the servo every time you make a step with the stepper.

Eventually the servo will get to the end of its travel.... you'll need to think about what happens then. Does it for example reverse in the small steps, or zoom back to its starting position and start the steps from there?

(Not clear to me if the 10 degree servo movement is in one 10 degree jump when the stepper has finished a rotation, or spread out ala wvmarle's approach.)

And I doubt if asking a question in bold makes the answers any better :wink:

Of course I was also assuming it's not a continuous rotation type servo, this based on the request of moving 10 degrees, as I have no clue what "the generic one that is inside the kits" actually is, and that's not just because I've never even seen an Arduino kit other than in online ads.