Management of robot ABB IRB6640 whith Arduino.

This is the site where you can see yut managing an ABB big robot IRB6640 with an Arduino. Is to get the values of the accelerometer with Arduino and Nunchuck. First, these values are converted to decimal Euler degrees, then quaternions, and then get into the robot controller (through COM1), once it has read the robot must move them to a position that is continually refreshed and running and thus becomes the movement of Nunchuch in roración axis coordinates of the tool (colored lines) that the robot has in his wrist.

A greeting and to enjoy it. Tatequietonene.

very impressive! how did you get access in the first place to program such a high-tech robotic arm like that?

Awesome indeed! My dad has some bots like this at his company... I doubt he would let me play with them though... ;)

…I for one welcome our, err, semi-robot overloads :stuck_out_tongue:

very impressing. i love how the center of the demo head stay at the same place all the time while the bot moves around it. almost looks like so education bots in a big factory.

btw, you would be surprised how affordable industrial robots are. i'm not saying cheap, but for 3-5K you can get a used one from ebay similar to the one in the video. not that i know anything about industrial robots, just judging what i can see here: