Manufacturing arduino board

Hi all, What machinery is needed for manufacturing Arduino board, Low Volume Throughput, SMT Equipment or Thru-hole Systems or both. Give me some examples. Thanks in advance!

It all depends on what you consider is low volume. Anything less than 10, do it by hand. between 100 to 5000 get someone to do if for you that has a production line. Above 10,000 a month then buy your own:- Pick and place machine wave solder machine soldering oven test rigs packing people

Here's an example of an Arduino UNO derivative that I have manufactured at the few-thousand level in China:


At 1000 of that same board design, I can have a customer's Logo and Info on the white silkscreen printing levels.

If you're talking 100's then sending the design to a small-run manufacturer makes the most sense..