Marshall DSL40CR midi control

Hey folks, I am newbie. I try to build 6 ways footswitch pedal for a Marshall DSL40CR.
Previous someone create 5 ways footswitch.
Do you have any suggest to addition code from previous?

5 Button Marshall DSL40CR Footswtich Controller)

Switch1 => select channel clean ( PC0 )
Switch2 => select channel crunch (PC1)
Switch3 => select channel OD1(PC2)
Switch4 => select channel OD2(PC3)
Switch5 => master volume 1,2 (CC14) 0,1
Switch6 => effect loop on,off (CC13) 0,1 ** add **

Did you have any suggest to create code?

Connection for Arduino Nano
Switch1 =D2
Switch2 =D3
Switch3 =D4
Switch4 =D5
Switch5 =D6
Switch6 =D7 ** add **

LED1 = D8
LED2 = D9
LED3 = D10
LED4 = D11
LED5 = D12
LED6 = D13 ** add**

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