MATLAB Serial Communication delay, Ultrasonic Sensor

Hello guys, I am doing a small project, taking readings with MATLAB from Arduino and plotting them in realtime. The problem that I have is that after my code runs for 30-60 seconds I start to have huuuuuuuuge delays, the longer the code runs the longer the delays get, while if I look at the readings in the Arduino Serial Monitor there are no delays there at all. Like I said the longer the code runs the longer delays I get, it gets to a point where it registers an event that happened 5-6-7 seconds after it happened and I don't understand what is causing this.

Here are my codes:

MATLAB Code - Arduino Code -

I don't do rubbish bin. There is a mechanism to attach code to your post (using the Additional Options link). So, using rubbish bin isn't necessary.

If data goes to the serial monitor in a timely fashion, then the problem is not on the Arduino end, and you should be asking about the other code at the Ford dealer.