I recently assembled the Maxim232EPE DIP to my breadboard and Arduino Mega 2560 using the link:

I have a few questions as the instructions are incomplete. My RS-232 device using 6 cable wires with no data sheet and pinout diagram.

Are pins 7 & 8 on the MAXIM DIP to connect the RS-232 device? What do I do with the remaining unused wires on my RS-232. It its self-powered so it doesn't draw power from the board, but would it need the DTR or DSR wires in order to wake the device. It also seems as if the device when assuming the wires never goes to a real state. It just stays dormant at the power-on state. Do I have to send a signal or command to the device in order for it to go from standby to ready to read?

I'm stuck. Please help.

I also need a good programming code because the ones on the site are mostly for older model boards and I get confused.

What device? Give us a link to a datasheet or wherever you bought it.

The next question will be "What do you want the device to do?"