maxuino v.009: Max & Ableton <-> Arduino

hello friends,

pleased to announce maxuino v.009:;

maxuino allows Max/MSP/Jitter and Ableton Live communicate with an arduino-compatible device from within ableton.

looking forward to your feedback on the beta release,

ali momeni ( & chris coleman)

I used it extensively for my latest academic project. I managed to control Ableton Live (with Max4Live) and send messages to the board (switch LEDs on/off). It worked fine with my Arduino Duemilanove but for some reason it did not work totally with Pro Mini's. Yesterday I tried a Pro Mini (3,3V) and could not get the digital inputs work, even though the analog inputs worked fine. By the way, I used it with a Bluetooth Mate module. I even checked if the Baud-rate matches. Apart from that, great job, thanks guys!

I'm planning to test Maxuino with my Freeduino Epic board, which is a Mega-clone from the US. Would love to share my experience with you!

Being new to Live and M4L I can't work out how to use the M4L device to do anything musical.

The device is seeing my board and sensors OK as the A_in and the PWm sliders move up & down with sensor actuation.

I want, for example, a sensor to play a particular note or modify a parameter of a built in Live analog synth.

Any help? Thanks