MCUFriend 2.4 TFT Uno Shield use on Bluepill

Hi Everyone.

I am using a Bluepill and the 2.4 TFT UNO shield , the samples work from the MCUFriend library.Program with ST-LINK Programmer.

Two functions is not working:
1: The touch sketch does not respond to any pressure on the screen.

2:The serial monitor does not display anything , the port is available and the serial monitor opens .

When I reprogram the Bluepill with Blink and add a Serial print the Monitor does display .

Thanks for any advice.

First off, you need to configure the IDE correctly.
e.g. for USB CDC Serial
e.g. for ST_Link or bootloader.

Report back with your IDE settings.

I can't diagnose the Touch Pins on an ARM
You need to identify the Touch Pins. Either with a Uno or by a DMM.
Report back with the resistance values between which pins.

Run the Calibration sketch with the correct Touch Pins.
Copy-Paste from the Serial Terminal.


hi david...
im using a tft-lcd 2.4 inch .
ID is 0x9341...
my problem is all text's are inverted...
how can i fix it?

I advised you to post your question properly on the Public Forum. e.g. explain the problem, paste the readreg report.

Anyway, you have an ID = 0xE300 controller. I don't know the make. I don't have a datasheet.

But I have supported 0xE300 in the Beta from GitHub for some time.
Either delete the current library and install the Beta from a ZIP.
Or just replace your MCUFRIEND_kbv.cpp with the MCUFRIEND_kbv.cpp from the "Beta". (the master Branch is always called Beta)


thanks a lot for your fast support david...
the problem Solved with your guidance...

with beta version , TFT-LCD works correctly...

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