measured data record in computer.

Hello everybody.
I just want to ask, whether is possible to send measured data to computer. And in case yes, how, resp. what software and connection I need?
Let's say I need to see history of voltage and amperes going through small circuit. Not much powerful, up to 24V and up to 5A.
So basically I need to made voltmeter/ammeter with recording/capturing measured values in preset intervals, 15s or 1minute or similar.
Either store recorded data somewhere in arduino and download it later, or online sending via some interface to computer/laptop and automatically record it into some standard file, like csv or such.

Thanks for any help, really appreciate! :slight_smile:

There are various options.

Perhaps the simplest is to use one of the terminal emulator programs on your PC that can save incoming data to a file - for example PuTTY or ReatTerm.

You could also write your own PC program to receive the data and save it to a file. This Simple Python - Arduino demo should get you started. The Python code should work on Windows if you edit it to use the Windows style of COM ports.

If you use Excel there is an extension that can accept data from an Arduino. I don't use Windows so I don't know the details.


By online you might mean Internet of Things IOT. One method

If you intend to work with the data in Excel, you can send the data thereto directly. This enables you to manipulate the data in real time, including real time graphs.

As mentioned above a standard freebie terminal like RealTerm can record the data and may be all you need.

It is often a good idea to save the data to local SD as well.