Medication dispenser LED

I really need some help. Has someone designed something like this before? I haven't found anything yet.

My relative sometimes forgets to take his medication.
Can anyone give me ideas or links to start off? You don't have to go out of you way to design something for me but I just need to start somewhere or if it would even work.

His system is like this one in the link below, you tare off the sachet at the appropriate time. breakfast, mid day, afternoon and night.

I’m thinking something like a device at the medication box and a device on his bedside table switching from green to red LED and connected wireless to communicate between the 2 and when he looks at the medication box OR goes to bed there is a green LED slightly glowing on his bedside table AND on the medication box which indicates he has taken them but if he goes to bed and he hasn’t taken them then there will be a big bright red LED glowing on the medication box and the bedside table so the reason for it being bright red on the bedside table is it would be so bright you can’t sleep with it in your face thus you won’t forget to take your medication haha.

I was thinking an arduino based device which somehow detects if that segment sachet is gone...LDR or maybe infrared reflectance sensor then it would wirelessly sends a signal to the receiver in the bedroom switching a red or green LED on.

or maybe a WiFi relay kit would work for the LED switch on part??

I can get whatever needed and I do have two NRF24L01 transceivers already

Any help/input would be unbelievably appreciated!!!

I may try to modify this project:

See how it goes.

It is an interesting project because of its clear practical application.
If the tablets are already on a roll, maybe some sort of time controlled dispenser (like paper emerging from a ticket printer) would be a possible solution. For the end user it would be simple to understand because and tablet packs hanging out of the dispenser were there to the taken (consumed).

I can see a feed mechanism to push our a packet.
Then a time display.

I have all separate bottles.
There was a post on here a year ago about a caddy to hold bottles.

A switch for each bottle

When you remove and replace the bottle i notes the time.
If you miss then you get a txt msg.
Optuon to txt a friend or neighbor

couple of thoughts.
you have a timer and a large button
when you pull out a packet, you press the button.
if the button is not pressed, it will time out and notify you.

another way is to use a motor and dispense the packets.
if a packet is hanging out of the box, it is ready to take.
also, this could shade an LDR or reflect on an IR sensor.
when the packet is taken, the sensor would notice a change and re-set.

also, if you did dispense, then you could count how many are left and how many were used.

you could use weight. if the weight of the package hasn't changed in the last x hours, start making noise with a buzzer..

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