Mega 2560 + 2.4 inch TFT with External Powered by Mobile Phone Charger

Hi Friends,

A newbie to the forum & to Arduino, after looking into the great project on web. I wanted to build my own Aquarium Controller, so one fine day i also bought a Duplicate Mega 2560 along with a Cheap 2.4 inch TFT with chip ST7783. With the help of Smokes&wires i was able to make TFT worked & run all the Example from graphic test to touch paint & all started worked fine.

Then I got the JOS Menu code & modified a bit & my TFT was working like a charm. after testing a individual temp sensors, servo & relay & all the bit in code. then i put to gather all the object in one place & wanted to a trial run. To my wonder i am facing two issue right, which are listed below.

1) As soon as i connected two temp sensor, one servo & 4 channel relay powered by external mobile phone charger with 5 volt. My TFT screen went blank, so one by one i remove the device to manage the power issue.

Started doing research on how i can externally power my TFT, option i found was to power it with battery pack but i dont wanted go with it & wanted to explore other option so i though of using my Nokia Mobile Charger which give 5V with 500Ma, As soon as i connected my TFT 5 v & GND to the phone charger the screen was active & then i uploaded the graphic test example the first stage of one color after another run smooth & after that my screen turn white, but the serial port i can see in the background all the text & diagram are happen as normal, but it not displaying on the tft screen. I have tried with few other phone charger with bit lesser voltage 4.5 to 7 V but all it the same the TFT run for second and then turn white.

So i need your experts to let me know, if some has ever used a Mobile phone charger to power the TFT & how did they do it ?

2) Code corruption : After modifying the JOS menu & add my function i was able verify it with TFT & it was working fine, after i connected all my device & removing few, when i uploaded the code the TFT it screen as doted or disturb & i can see on serial monitor the my touch works fine, so find out the reason i removed all my device & connected only TFT, but still the same doted screen & the touch working but i cannot see the actual menu then run the graphic test example & few other code i had all are working fine only this JOS menu code which was working one day before is not working now.

Any help with greatly appreciated.

Regards, Sids