Mega ADK for Android & SamsungS. Job/Hire:Build Anroid Blink pins (simple)

Hello all, I am newbie on bedrest and am border to death and frustrated. I need help and if it is a big job I will pay. I have seen you guys n youtube with same phone\board and they can have a working connection in a few minutes like nothing. I cannot but it seems simple - if you know what to do of course. I just cannot power up board, i need the "demokit ADK" sketch or any working sample code. Please.

If you can connect Android to Arduino: create a working "Blink Pin #x" app, please keep reading:

Here is my hardware on first post (i have tried USB & now Arduino Mega ADK for Android). On another post,160336.msg1199973.html#msg1199973.

I am on bed rest, kidney failure got me and bored out of my mind. I want a balloon drone so I can sit on balcony and fly my balloon around the huge rec. center next door. I have Samsung Galaxy Nexus (ICS). Then I discovered I need "accessory mode" for USB. So I bought a Samsung S from a fellow software developer. It in At&T Samsung S, rooted/unocked, CyanogenMod v10.0.0. I have tried apps in Google Play Store: "ADK Demokit", "Arduino Commander" and more, using USB Mega ADK/blutooth+uno...i get nothing. the board just wont power up. I am obviously not using correct sketch or app. I have tried to write my own following tutorials. It's been on/off project for a year or more. Please help this newbie, I have kidney failure and I am stuck in bed -BOREDOM is worse part. I just want to get a connection so I can build things. I am a great programmer: i have used Eclipse (Flex Builder) but never in java (but I can) for arduino and new to sketches really. I just need a "Hello World".

My environment as of now is Eclipse: build android app with drop down to select pin #13,14,15 and a button to blink that pin's LED. I am using regular Arduino.exe to upload sketches.

I am willing to pay via paypal, I am sick of wasting time. Options: 1. Send me a zip of an eclipse app and an arduino sketch, login to my PC, get it setup (or type instructions), we can skype 2. Login to my pc, Skype and show me what I am doing wrong, get it to work

Thanks - Michael

I know you said you are an experienced programmer, so I could have put this to you in less words, but I want to be thorough in case somebody with less experience wants to see some kind of working example. The hardware you'll want is a led with a resistor, and optionally a button switch. The led with the resistor goes from digital pin 3 to ground, and the button goes from digital pin 2 to ground. The android app you will want is the Standard Android ADK Demo Kit from the Google play store.

The way I got communication going between my ADK board and my galaxy tab was to download this library: Change the name of the extracted folder from "USB_Host_Shield_2.0" to "USB_Host_Shield_20" and move it to the arduino libraries folder. Open the USB_Host_Shield_20 folder and browse to the file "avrpins.h". Open this file in a text editor, like notepad or wordpad, and find the line //#define BOARD_MEGA_ADK and uncomment it by changing it to #define BOARD_MEGA_ADK and then save the file.

There is a sketch in the USB_Host_Shield_20 Examples folder named "demokit_20". Upload it to the Mega ADK board. Now you should be able to press the button and light up "B1" on the adk app, and when you move the slider for "LED 1" on the app, your led should respond by dimming or getting brighter.

I hope this gets you past the hardware hurdle and on to happier programming pastures.

Oops, that's the "RED" slider for "LED 1" that changes the led.