MEGA Prototype shield V3 for Due?

I am building a project based on Due and bought a shield below (since there are no dedicated for Due in my country). The shield is dedicated for Mega and i want to ask if I can use it straight away or do I have to make some changes to it?

AFAIK Mega and DUE have the same form factor, however a DUE is 3.3V compliant.

Graynomad pinout diagram will give you more information for each DUE pin function.

No, the shield will NOT work with the Due.
Yes, it will work, but the ICSP on the board is fake (since Due follows Arduino Pinout 1.0 without the duplicate on digital 11, 12 and 13)
Also, the central grid is off by 1.27mm so you cannot solder a ICSP header.

I bought the same exact board, but toss it as trash (because of said drawbacks) and drew my own boards instead.

Remember that Due runs on 3v3! If you apply 5V to any pin it will damage the board.

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