MegaCoreX - Arduino support for ATmega4809/3209/1609/809 and 4808/3208/1608/808

Arduino support for ATmega4809, ATmega3209, ATmega1609, ATmega809 and ATmega4808, ATmega3208, ATmega1608 and ATmega808

GitHub - MCUdude/MegaCoreX: An Arduino hardware package for ATmega4809, ATmega4808, ATmega3209, ATmega3208, ATmega1609, ATmega1608, ATmega809 and ATmega808

The new megaAVR-0 series (used by the Uno Wifi Rev2 and the Nano Ever) brings excellent performance and peripherals at a low price point. MegaCoreX provides solid Arduino support for the entire chip family!

Even though the megaAVR-0's are based on the AVR architecture, they're fundamentally different from the "classic" AVRs found on the Arduino Uno for instance. MegaAVR-0's have different peripherals, register names, and features. Another significant this is that they're not using a standard ISP interface for programming, but rather a new, single-wire interface called UPDI. You can read more about building your own UPDI programmer based on the Arduino Pro Micro here.

The top of the line ATmega4809 has a whopping:

  • 4 UARTS
  • 48 kB flash and 6 kB RAM
  • Internal 16 and 20 MHz oscillator that can be divided down internally
  • 8 different brown-out detection values ranging from 4.1V to 1.8V
  • 9 PWM outputs (48-pin package)
  • CCL, programmable logic blocks (use the Logic library)
  • AC, a capable analog comparator with built-in voltage reference (use the Comparator library)

Give it a try! It is directly compatible with Arduino UNO Rev2, Arduino Nano Every, and the Microchip Curiosity 4809.