MegaMoto 30A motor control shield for Arduino

Robot Power is proud to announce the immediate availability of the MegaMototm motor control shield for Arduinotm.

The MegaMoto is rated for 13A continuous and 30A peak (5 seconds) from 6V to 28V.

The MegaMoto is a dual half-bridge stacking shield that can be configured as an H-bridge. Thus one MegaMoto can control one motor forward and reverse or two motors in forward-only half-bridge mode. Brushless or stepper motors can be controlled by using the appropriate number of MegaMoto half-bridge sections. Non-motor loads such as lights, solenoids, warp drive engines and laser cannons may also be controlled by the MegaMoto.

Up to three MegaMotos may be fully controlled by one Uno - more with a Mega.

Jumpers are used to select the Enable and PWM source pins used to control each MegaMoto as well as the current sensor feedback analog pins. This allows the MegaMoto to work well with other shields. All headers are passed-through the MegaMoto.

The cost for the MegaMoto is $59.99 each in single quantity. In stock and shipping now. Volume buyers and reseller inquires are welcome.

For more information see the MegaMoto product page on the Robot Power Web site. Robot Power Products


Do you sell it without the headers installed? It could be useful for some as a non-shield...

We have another unit that is very similar that actually handles more current because it has heatsinks. It is called the Simple-H. You can check it out on our Web site.


The User Manual for the MegaMoto is finished and posted on our Web site.