Menu system

I would love to have my subroutines appear in a side panel so that I could use them to quickly jump to that spot in my code. I know you can 'fold' your code but I find this very awkward to use and difficult to see the very small + and - symbols. I think instead, we need a small arrow on the upper left of the code that would slide out a menu of the name of all our subroutines. Then we could click and be jumped to that spot on our code. Once we clicked on it the menu should slide back to the left ( hidden) until we need it again. It should also have the 'setup' and 'loop' as well.

Nice to have. More sophisticated IDEs usually have such things on a panel. Meanwhile, I spread my functions into different tabs. You can name them 1_menus.ino, 2_xbee.ino etc. if you want a particular ordering of the tabs.

It's a good idea.

The IDE could also have a "New subroutine" function, opening a little window beside for writing the routine without moving from the main sketch.

An option will switch between showing the routines at the end of the main sketch or each one in a separate window or all together in a separate window.

It could already done with the tabs, but it's very basic... I.e. I'd like to move a tab before or after another.

EDIT: No, tabs do not work...

There are a few alternatives out there that may offer some hint for a simple implementation. Granted that the information would be limited to the local routines (inside the current file), possible designs include:

  • a breadcrumb bar at the top of the editor window, minimally showing the a small drop-down to select one of the routines, and possibly also showing a small list of the other files as well
  • in the same line, a small drop-down at the bottom of the editor, in the current green bar above the console (where we type the name of new sketches)
  • a popup window separate from editor
  • a dedicated keyword in the 'Quick Access' field at the top of the editor window (see #4077)

I will see what can be done quickly to move the tabs around.