Menus with submenus on LCD 20x4.


I want to handle the LD 20x4 very well with Arduino. I have done basic tests from the PC using the C # language to simulate a 20x4 LCD with Arduino. The base looks the same.

I want to know if anyone has example about creating menus with submenus in Arduino.

I leave an example of what I have done simulating from the PC a 20x4 LCD screen.

View zoom.

View video.

Regards. (3.45 KB)

You may want to look at the MD_Menu library (GitHub - MajicDesigns/MD_Menu: Menu system for displays with up to 2 lines) as I think it does most of what you want. The example shows how it is used and there is library documentation in the docs folder.

I maintain a menu solution that is relatively popular called tcMenu. It gives you many, many display and input options. It also comes with a designer ui and is capable of Ethernet and Serial remote control. You’ll see a few threads mentioning it here too.

Thank you very much to all.