[MERRY CHRISTMAS]Trying a android controlled fingerprint keyboard

MERRY CHRISTMAS Hello, dear people, Merry Christmas, my name is matt and im having trouble programming as system that would use an arduino leonardo to output a password onto a pc (with usb) for easy password completion, using a traditional fingerprint module as an unlocker. EXCEPT that the arduino would need to be commanded by an arduino app(eardly have experience) in order to set a password (corresponding to a fingerprint) so we would need for the MIT AI2 app to send a word or something (pls help) to some kind of an arduino variable(small experience), that would, corresponding to the latest password from the app, would make the leonardo output that password when the finger is on the module(the finger corresponding to the password) :slight_smile: i have trouble thinking about the part where the android app( used to sending only bytes) would tell the arduino to set the password variable (of said finger) at the password : so it may be able to output that password to the computer when activated(finger) btw im using a hc-06 , a leonardo classic, and AI2 MIT as an app developer, PLEASE i am looking forward to any kind of help from anyone, Merry Christmas!

You want an MIT App Inventor 2 application on an Android phone to control a sketch on your Arduino Leonardo and you want that sketch to act like a USB keyboard and type stored text (a password) to a PC when it recognizes the associated fingerprint.

The breaks down to three pieces:

  • Communication from App Inventor app on Android to Arduino.
  • Fingerprint recognition.
  • Keyboard library to type on PC.

I'm least familiar with Part 1: App Inventor so I would start there. I think your reasonable choices are Bluetooth or WiFi and likely Bluetooth being easier to configure. Use Bluetooth LE if you may some day want to add iOS support. Figure out what actions you want the app to command and what responses you want the app to receive from the Arduino.

For Part 2: Fingerprint Recognition, buy a module from a reliable source and make sure they supply (or point to a supplier of) a good library. (Don't ask how I know.) The module will have a limit on how many fingerprints it can recognize so get one big enough for your needs

Part 3 is fairly trivial.

Note: The Leonardo only has 2.5k of SRAM and 1k of EEPROM so you may need some form of external storage. An SD card can provide near infinite storage for passwords and fingerprints.