messing with magnets and arduino

I am building a pocket sized arduino based computer and because the device is closeable i was wondering how a magnet would effect a arduino nano and a few other parts( the parts im using in the project include .... a arduino nano, a esp8266 v1, a atomic time keeper, a spi micro sd card reader, and a 1.8" tft color screen.

A consumer permanent magnet will not affect an Arduino nano, an esp8266, an spi micro sd card reader, or a 1.8" tft color screen.

I don't know anything about atomic timekeepers but they are unlikely to be affected by a consumer permanent magnet.

Of course, if you were planning to use a laboratory to generate a high-strength magnetic field, or even use an MRI machine, that might be something else again.

A stationary magnet won't affect most electronics at all, the cheif exceptions are:

o hall sensors (rather obviously)
o inductors (the field can saturate an inductor core at lower currents)
o reed relays
o any sensor using magnetic fields such as dynamic microphones, ultrasonic transducer
(rubidium atomic clocks are another example I believe).

Thank you for your help every one!

Depending on the construction of your atomic clock, it could be VERY affected by an external magnetic field. On the other hand, if you have a rubidium oscillator from a cell tower or telephone switch, then it should be fine. Those are fully shielded.