Mg996r servo motor

How can i program this servo motor for like opening and closing the lid?

Have you tried the Servo library sweep example?

yes but how will i stop t for like 5 seconds

We have asked you to buy: new, regular servos.

Have you purchased these new servos ?

Do you want to open the lid, wait for 5 seconds and close the lid?
A simple way.


Better would be to study the blink without delay example (in the IDE examples) and do without the delay().
Or some other tutorials on how to use millis() for timing:

Several things at a time.
Beginner's guide to millis().

yes we already did

So what's the problem?

i need to stop the servo for 5 seconds for opening and close after 5 seconds

Did you see reply #5?

ye but i dont understand

What is hard to understand?

Have you tried the sweep example from the Servo library?

Please answer.

Am I missing a part of this topic that I can't see?

The OP has this previous thread:

It became obvious they had continuous servos, which it seems, might still be an issue.

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