Mice for Arduino

Hello, i search a Mice that works with Serial Communication (for my Arduino).
I would prefer a newer mice maybe Logitech maybe the old G500 idk it would be cool if the mouse is a bit newer or the specs are relativ new.

If there is a easy way to find it out it would be nice if someone can send me a link or tips.

Thanks everyone, Greetz.

What are you intending to use the mouse for ?

To connect the mouse to my arduino a play some games sometimes with the mouse some older games with a old pc but the main priority should be that i can read the data with a arduino and control a robot or some other devices.

It would be much easier to use a joystick

yes maybe but i a mouse is better for shooter.

Just supposing that you could connect a mouse to the Arduino and read data from it then how do you envisage using that data to play games on the PC ?

Yes a mouse that i can connect to a old pc wich had ps2 and to the arduino and read the data to connect it with a robot, or other things that i plan to do.

Search for "serial mouse" on Ebay and you will find plenty

but idk every mouse that i saw there was very old a bit to old i think there are many out wich are a bit more modern and a bit more accurate.

But thanks for your time and for your try to help me.. i honestly appreciate it.

Serial mice have not been used on mainstream PCs for many years so I think that it will be difficult to find a recent one at a reasonable price, if at all

Okay but as i know everyone mice that works with PS2 works over serial or ?
If yes if i buy a adapter and try some mices that works over the PS2 connection i can use it for the arduino right ?

I know that many USB keyboards also have built-in PS/2 communication, and so can be used with the various PS/2 Arduino libraries. I don't know whether the same goes for USB mice, but it's worth a try.

These mice were built to work with both protocols, it won't be a simple "cut the connector, solder another one" job.
And then, there were multiple serial protocols to consider.

You can try making a converter, here is one example.
But, while you're at it, go straight for a USB>Serial converter project.

P.S. this looks informative, check the "similar threads" block too.

I don't understand your statement. If they are built to work with PS/2, then why isn't it a simple "cut the connector, solder another one" job? With USB keyboards, it's exactly that.

Because (just a guess) they switched from supporting PS/2 & serial to supporting USB & PS/2 as the time went.

I connected a Logitech M-BJ58 USB mouse to my Arduino Nano like so:

USB Nano
+ 5V
D- 5
D+ 6

For the sake of saving time and leaving my USB devices intact during casual experimentation with this type of thing, I use one of these breakout boards:

I uploaded the example sketch for this library:

It seems to work just fine.

i have an old intelli 1.0 but the case is broken and i cant find a new one and i have some issues with the sensor if i move the mouse quick the sensor stop working, maybe for normal use cases it seems fine but if FPS it can make a huge difference.

But i have a little Problem i connect everything and if i try to move the mouse it wont work, if i open the Serial Monitor everything is working, is it possible to fix this issue ?

Are you talking about the example sketch from the library I shared in my last reply?

If so, the problem is probably this line:


This causes the sketch to wait in a perpetual loop until the Serial Monitor is opened when the sketch is running on an Arduino board with native USB capabilities (e.g., Leonardo, Micro, MKR, Nano 33 IoT). The reason this can sometimes be useful is because without it you will not see any serial output that was printed between the time the sketch started and when you get the Serial Monitor open. In this particular case, it can be useful to see the "Setup..." to prove the sketch started and the "complete!" to tell you that the library code was initialized successfully.

But once you have the code working and want to apply it to something that won't need Serial Monitor running, that behavior of hanging at setup is no longer useful and can be removed (or just comment it out to make it easy to enable again for troubleshooting).

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