Interfacing with the PS/2 mouse port of my pc

Yes I know there is a way to connect a ps/2 mouse to my arduino (PS2 mouse interface for Arduino)

But I want to connect my arduino to the ps/2 port of my pc to simulate a mouse and get control over the mouse pointer.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Chris Use that as a reference.

Your basically trying to do the inverse of connecting the mouse to the arduino.

Here is another way to do it that you may want to consider.

Many programming environments for PCs have an API for manipulating the mouse cursor and that may be an easier way to do it if you can use a language like VB. The APIs are called something like setcursorpos and getcursorpos and your sketch could send serial data to manipulate the mouse cursor without having to emulate the mouse protocol.

The PC program could get the current X and Y mouse co-ordinates when it wanted to take control of the mouse and then monitor the serial port for messages from the Arduino containing cursor updates that would be passed to the SetCursorPos function to change the mouse pointer position.

Thanks a lot for you advice! Chris

Bah mem thats the easy way out. :P

Bah mem thats the easy way out. :P

Perhaps you think thats cheating the cheater? :)

simple is almost always bestt