micro eeprom

Hi, id like to save some data on my arduino longer term which is still available when the arduino is switched off and on, but i need a bit more than what the arduino comes with, can anyone suggest a good micro eeprom on a breakout board that i can just attach to the digital pin, i dont want to go down the route of shields as i have limited space in my enclosure.


Check the I2C EEPROM 24LC256 - http://www.sparkfun.com/products/525 - don't know a breakout board for this one.

it looks perfect but id have to get it mounted somewhere, Im probably taking the easy route by asking around for a breakout board, what I should be doing is maybe to look into getting a protoshield, thats going to allow me to solder and mount stuff as well as making my existing devices a bit more secure. I have one question, I already have a DS1338 on A4 and A5 from what I read Im not able to change that clock from A4/A5, which that eeprom requires. i could be wrong. If it is true that they require the same analogue ports is it just a case of routing both devices to the same port and asking for there data based on there device address on the bus?

I2C (analog A4/A5) is a bus which allows for 127 devices at max (including the Arduino) . If you have a protoshield you could mount multiple I2C EEPROMS (by using their address lines properly). I advice to solder 8 pin footers (or how are these called. so you can plug in different EEPROM's if needed.

Read the excellent page about I2C - http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=10896 - it might be overwhelming but there is a lot of good info there. (and an I2C scanner)