Micro pro as keyboard HID pause/break key

Hi. I am trying to make a remote control, using an IR receiver that interfaces with a PC. I have it working but missing one vital key I need, which I can't seem to find any info about which is the pause/break key.

Most keys are called using constants but there isn't one for pause/break key

Any help would be appreciated

Teensy supports


Try the TeeOnArdu extension, to use Teensy functionality on Arduino (Leonardo, but it's the same chip as the Micro Pro).

I recently used it to use USB MIDI with Leonardo, and rebuilt it to be compatible with Arduino 1.6.x. You can find the .ZIP attached here, together with some installation help. Just extract it, and copy the folder TeeOnArdu to your ~/Arduino/hardware/ folder. Then select 'TeeOnArdu' in Tools>Board, and select 'Serial + Keyboard + Mouse + Joystick' as USB-type.

The USB key codes are in this document:

Looks like the key code you want is 76 (0x48). Add 136 to it to get it past the ASCII lookup:

#define KEY_PAUSE (76+136)

Thanks. I used the 136 offset for as it was just the last thing i needed