Micropython support

Is there a micropython image available? The RP2040 image from RPi does not seem to work: After flashing the serial adapter no longer appears and I can't seem to interact with the board.

I wouldn't expect Arduino to provide microPython.
You'd have to ask other people if they had any such plans.

Literally the product page where you buy it directly from Arduino:

Python Power
Full support for MicroPython. Get a Nano RP2040 Connect, and it comes with a FREE OpenMV license for machine vision.

That's why I kind of assumed we would have MicroPython images :slight_smile:

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You'll get much more support for MicroPython on the Raspberry Pi forums at MicroPython - Raspberry Pi Forums

It's a long way removed from anything compiled and hex loaded that runs on a regular Arduino. MicroPython starts out as a pre-compiled hex file that you drop on the RP2040 processor (when it's in mass storage device mode).

Thanks Dougie but that doesn't work. I tried. :slight_smile:

Going into bootloader mode and loading micropython that way results in nothing happening. I am following the same steps for the RPi Pico.

The Raspberry Pi forums also have a section for "alien" (not Pico) RP2040 boards

I've checked that forum already. :frowning:
Ironically there's a link to the product page that says:

Full support for MicroPython.

I would expect that the Arduino chip needs a version of microPython that knows about the 16MB flash chip (vs the 2MB chip on the Pico.)

If you want to go back coding with Arduino IDE check out this issue (I conveniently made): Nano RP2040 Connect not showing as a device under ports - #2 by a_guadalupi

personally i would have expected Arduino to work with MicroPython to get an image ready for the release. The fact that it currently does not, it's a little false advertising till it becomes supported


That would be odd because the Adafruit Feather RP2040 works perfectly with MicroPython without any modification to MicroPython for the 8MB flash

Exactly. The features on the board are great and I assumed I would be able to use my other RP2040 code "out of the box" because... well, because the store page says so. :slight_smile:

I don't mind waiting on or even having to hack out my own support for some of the additional features but not even being able to load micropython "out of the box" feels really bad. :frowning:

Adafruit's Circuitpython already beat Arduino to micropython support... :frowning:

Hello, I've just flashed my Nano RP2040 with freshly build image of Micropython (for the Pico board) and it seems to be working. Of course it is not possible to use a proper pin definition, because pico_sdk doesn't include it yet.

Since posting I've got two boards up: one running MicroPython and the other CircuitPython with the adafruit demo code.

Literally the product page says full support but there is absolutely no answer from Arduino (here or via email support) on why there were no images or if they plan on publishing anything to support this board as the product page states.

I guess I expected at least an image or maybe a repo on Arduino's GitHub. :frowning:

For anyone else waiting on this I put in a support request.

Support says it did not ship with micropython support but we should have something "in the coming weeks" :crossed_fingers:


uPython fully supported boards with pre-compiled binaries:
download page

But, for other chips and hacking specifics, refer to:
Custom example for a STM32F4xxx

PS: please note that Ladyada does make some changes to the MicroPython sources before CircuitPython is compiles.
CircuitPtthon differences
Details: Adafruit differences


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