MIDI in from pc thru USB.

Hallo all!
I need to syncronize arduino events with MIDI messages, and would like to make it without the need of an external MIDI hardware...so using USB.
..using linux (ubuntu10.04)
Actually i have ssen two ways in linux to do this.
-MidiSerialConverter from Spikenzielab.

unfortunately i've problems with both...
i don't mind which to use, i just need a way to send midi notes from a software like rosegarden or similar, and to make arduino do something when receiving notes.
Did someone succeed in doing this?

the problem i'm having are these:
works ok in receiveing midi messages from outside, but doesn't create an output midi port, so i don't know how to send midi out.

-MidiSerialConverter is signed as not tested on the site, and it receive serial from arduino, but doesn't create any midi port to plug programs to.

any suggestion?
thanks, Davide.

it looks like i’m the first trying to take midi from a linux machine to use with Arduino…

not so nice, as i’m not finding another solution…

really, anyone tried that?
thanks again.

Look at here http://mtiid.calarts.edu/research/hiduino, no more need of any software or drivers :wink:

Thank you for the link.
I already read this link, but jumped away, because, apart from the good concept of the HID device, i found it difficoult to follow instructions about that project.
the problem is that i didn't understand so much and, in hurry, i have found simpler to build a simple MIDI Shield..
But if you can tell me, that is simler of what it appears to me, please explain to me.
thank you, Davide.

Have u got an ISP programmer?

i’m currently using an arduino 2009 as an ISP programmer. with the spare chips in a bboard done by me, just to plug the DIY cable.