Midi to 16 CV and 16 Gates

Hello everyone! I need some help on this…

What i wanna make with arduino is a Module that will receive Midi and convert it to CV/Gate.
I am making this to control 16 instruments of analog drum machine.

My idea is this:

  1. An arduino microcontroller will receive Midi. I need only Midi in ( Midi from USB is what i prefer most )

  2. I need 16 Gate signals that will be 5v. My idea is a Daisy-chain of 2x 74HC595 for those 16 Gate signals.

  3. I need 16 CV channels with voltage from 0 to +5v with good resolution. My idea is to use the AD5360 DAC. It is a 16-Channel, 16-Bit, Serial Input, Voltage-Output DAC. Here is the page of the DAC: AD5360 DAC
    I need the 16 CV channels to control the velocity of each instrument.

Each instrument has a Trigger in and Velocity in pin.
When i trigger lets say the 1st instrument a voltage of 5v and 1ms width should apllied on Trigger in Pin and at the same time a controlled voltage of 0<—>5v and 1ms width should be apllied to Velocity in pin.

Is it possible to make my project come true with arduino?
Can someone help me on how to do this?

Best Regards, Navicat

That seems possible...

My concerns are:

  • I don't know what's involved in USB MIDI. I think it's been done with the Arduino, but all I know is that the USB protocol is about 100 times as complex as "normal" serial.

  • Can you solder the surface mount DAC chip? You'll have to get a PC board made and since you can't breadboard the circuit (at least not easily) there's a good chance that you'll have update/correct the PCB board at least once.

Take it one step at a time... You might want to use regular serial MIDI to develop your MIDI parser software. Then, work on adding USB.

Test your DAC and gate with a multimeter by writing some test software that's independent of the MIDI before trying real MIDI input and real MIDI instruments.

Thank you very much for your answer!
I don’t plan to breadboard testing.

I have everything to surcafe mount,design and built.
My problems come at the programming stage.
I have a schematic for 2x SPI DAC daisy chained (but i was thinking about one single device for 16 channels), 2x 74HC595 Daisy chained.

Those 4 chips are connected a 74HCT541 IC and this will be connected to the arduino

Here is my schematic for this: CV/Gate Schematics
The DAC chips are : TLV5630
TL-074 op-amps are used to scale up the voltage from 0-5v to 0-15v

Do you guys have any suggestion how to program this with arduino?? Any similar project?? ( except midibox wich is great but for now there 8 cv supported )