Mifare RFID RC522 over I2C (instead of SPI)

Hi, I bought Mifare RFID RC522 reader on ebay like this.
In all tutorials is RFID reader connected to Arduino over SPI bus. But on DPS is 2 pins for I2C (in attachments).
Is there any way and library to use RFID reader over I2C bus? I would like to use only 2 wires.


For anyone who might stumble upon this thread (like myself):

It seems that the I2C/SPI/UART configuration is done only via hardware, using pin 1 (I2C) and pin 32 (EA). (MFRC522 datasheet)

On the printed circuit board, pin 1 is connected directly to GND and pin 32 to 3.3V.

So unless you are able to reconnect those pins (by resoldering the board) or if there is a way to override this behaviour (which I am unaware of), you should be stuck to using SPI.