Mind Controlled Robot

I am trying to make a humanoid robot. The robots movement will be controlled using mindflex and the robots' hands will be controlled with a glove that is on the users hand. I have made projects with arduino before, but nothing this complex. I have a few questions about how I will accomplish this.

  1. Can i use arduino boards to control the robot, and if so, do I need to use more than one?
  2. How do you hack a mindflex to control a robot
  3. Which board should I use?
  4. Are there any tutorials on how to build a complex humanoid robot (which arms, hands, and legs)?
  5. How would I connect a glove to an arduino so I can control the hands of the robot?

It would be very helpful if these questions could be answered. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Based on videos I have seen of robotic hands created by research workers, I would say you have have bitten off quite a hunk. The videos show multiple complex servos or steppers all working in concert. A robot with articulated hand(s) is even a bigger hunk.

What I would do is start out by thinking about the minimum function you would need for just the hand and work on the mechanics first, keeping in mind what electronics might be used to make it work. Then you can come up with the logic to move the hand.

I don't know the capabilities of a mindflex or its' output, but I think that is the least of your worries.

Mind Controlled Robot

I am so glad that it is a mind controlled robot, not a mind controlling robot.

lot of stuff to study on youtube.