Mini - Mini usb adapter


Does anyone know how to wire up the Arduino Mini to the Mini USB adapter? I've got it in front of and on the arduino website it says not to wire it up incorectly otherwise it will kill it, but it doesn't tell me how to do it correctly so am worried about trying it in case i get it wrong. Any chance we could have it in the hardware section of the website? If someone explains it I don't mind drawing it up as a diagram for others to benefit :slight_smile:

Sorry it's a lame question but I don't want to blow my nice new shiny tiny board!



can anyone help?

hey ben!

you are right we haven't done that :slight_smile: ouch

give me a couple of hours


Hay Massimo,

Good to hear from you, am back! been a bit manic but got a couple of projects that were going to use arduino for. Going to document it for you too :slight_smile:

Don't mind drawing it up if you want a hand:-)

speak soon :slight_smile:

The diagram's now online:

thanks for that :slight_smile: