Minimize the consumption of the Arduino Uno Wifi Rev 2 board

I am trying to create a project of a datalogger to measure soil moisture and save it in a file on an SD for later using the wifi module of an Arduino Uno Wifi R2 to pass the file to another receiver without having to access the inside of the datalogger that is installed in the middle of a field. As we have to work with a powerbank and we want to increase the life of the battery as much as possible, I have been looking for how to stop consumption for a while, similar to how we do it using the "powerdown" from the LowPower library, but I have not been able to find anything similar. .
Can someone please guide me on whether it can be done with this board or do I have to go back to the Arduino Uno R3 with an external Wifi module to make the powerbank last longer? If it can be done, where can I find the information to study how to implement it in our project?
I am quite new to using Arduino and I don't have much experience and I don't know where else to look after several days trying to find a solution and I would appreciate any help.

This page may be of interest.

Hello groundFungus,
Thank you for your contribution.
I checked de page you sent but is talking about the ATmega328 chip and the Arduino Uno Wifi R2 has the ATmega4809 chip so it seems that there are some differences about the use of the sleeping mode to save power consumption.

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