MIRF (nrf24l01) freezes with TX &RX sketch, even the ping sketch.

I have a problem with the sketch I am writing, 2 nodes both nodes TX and RX ( MIRF library and nrf24l01). keeps freesing after a couple of seconds... did some troubleshooting, try delays, change payload etc. still freezes, so went to the basic..... I tried the ping sketch that comes with the MIRF library, same thing!!!
like my sketch, it will send and receive data for maybe 10sec, and then freezes.... strange!!, so I thought, must be the device itself, nope a setup like "sending 2 joystick values" works perfectly.

anyone has an idea? how come the default test sketch isnt working?

more details:
-I am running one uno and one nano(tried 328 and 168 nanos while troubleshooting).
-it freezes randomly, will send data both ways and after 5 to 30 seconds, craches....
Thank you for you time.

thought there might be corruption in the library. so downloaded it again, reload ping test.
same thing, both module send and receives for a couple of second and then nothing...
How is that possible?

I am having the same exact problem as you with this! have you downloaded any other variations of the mirf library such as mirf 85 o spi85 library, or spi soft library as well? Have you ever had the modules working before?

nRF24L01 Intermittent / No operation.[/size]
ALWAYS check 3.3V power. Many times intermittent operation is due to power supply regulation issues. Even though the average current may be less than 15ma, apparently there are quick transients when each transmit burst happens.
I used to have nRF24L01 problems. Worked one day / one minute, failed the next. Now I put a 1uf to 10uf capacitor right from GND to 3.3V pins on the modules, and things are MUCH better.
See the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI HERE:
**These modules are designed to plug into a baseboard that usually has significant bypass capacitors. If you have them on the end of jumper wires you need extra bypass capacitors. **
Try it and let us know here!

Thanks terryking228 you saved my school project! what uf capacitor should I use if I want to use the 3V pin? I am using a 1uf capacitor and the nrf24l01+ seems to be only working with on the 5V pin and not the 3.3V pin.