Missing Serial Monitor and Serial Plotter

Let me say a Monitor has to be an extra Window, cause it is a Monitor :slight_smile:

The best will be when you program an extra window looking like a monitor for:
(see Picture from an Arduino Project as monitor example:


Serail monitor with its known settings and eg. a send button instead of a [command +Enter] here both Button for Mouse and Screen Users
and [command +Enter] for the programmers.
Serial Plotter with its known functions.
The old one was nearly perfect. Only missing zoom in and out eg. with a
magnifying glass.

Will be fine when you can support this well-known and proven technology again :slight_smile: or even better!


Hi @michaeljohannes. Thanks for taking the time to try the beta phase Arduino IDE 2.x and providing your valuable feedback!

This is being tracked by the IDE developers here:

This deficiency is being tracked by the Arduino IDE developers here:

Work is in progress on the Serial Plotter now:

The latest test builds are available here if you would like to give it a try:
or you can wait for the next Arduino IDE 2.x release, which will have the plotter.

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Thanks for your feedback!
I see you are working on this :star_struck: thats fine!

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