Mixed sized fonts/scale in IDE (High DPI Monitor)

Hi -
I've been working on this for a few hours and can't seem to resolve it.

I can make the IDE start with a tiny splash screen and somewhat usable interface except for some of the dialog boxes that show information (ex: get board info will pop up, but can't read the font)
I can make a normal size splash screen by using DPI settings in Windows Preferences (Win 10) - but the UI is GIANT and unusable.

Researching shows that this should be adjustable by setting Editor font size and Interface scale.. but they do not seem to work.

I've also removed and reinstalled Java with no difference.

Can anyone suggest anything? I've seen this before with Java apps - but it usually all worked or nothing worked... This IDE is stuck in-between - some stuff is the right size or the other stuff is.. not all of it at the same time.

Are you using Arduino IDE 1.8.8? This was certainly an issue in the past but they have done some recent work to try to resolve the issue.

Yes - using 1.8.8

I managed to get the IDE working reasonable well.

If I change Interface scale - the menus, etc. do not change. The test in the editor area is effected by changing interface scale.

If I keep interface scale 'automatic' - Editor font size works.

the results from tools -> get board info are microscopic... however..
My hack is to cut/past into a txt document so I can see what come back.

The interface scale feature does not seem to scale the interface in my case..

It is a fresh install on my Win10 laptop.
I can supply screenshots as needed..

This sorta captures it all..

Normal txt, small menus, tiny dialog box..
Just seems out of sync.

FWIW: I did remove and add java back to my system - but I think the IDE is using its own version maybe..?

Is the only thing that doesn't scale the Board Info dialog? Or does the same problem occur with other dialogs (e.g. File > Open, File > Preferences, Edit > Find, Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries, and Tools > Board > Boards Manager)?

I think the IDE is using its own version maybe..?

That's correct. They decided to start doing that because it was too difficult trying to support all the various versions people might have installed on their computers.

Thanks for the reply - I just tried all of the other dialogs you listed and they are readable.

For now - it looks like it is the 'get board info' dialog that is messed up in terms of readability.
The startup splash screen is also teeny (if that helps locate the code in question) but obviously doesn't matter.

I went through all of the permutations of setting DPI compatibility mode in windows (arduino.exe -> properties -> change high DPI settings) but they don't help really. I can make the user interface GIANT if I let the system handle scaling.

One last symptom - the 'interface scale' preference inside the IDE seems to have zero effect on the scale of the interface.

I'm betting if that setting worked - I could use it in conjunction with the windows setting and get everything to balance out.

My laptop has the high res screen where I'm having the issues.

My desktop is 1920x1080 and everything works great on that.
Hopefully this is useful for the IDE developers.