MKR Stopped Connecting to Cellular Network


I am a beginner to Arduino development but have had some success with this brand new board. I have been using the MKR GSM1400 for a couple of weeks now. It was connecting to GPRS fine and sending data to the IOT cloud without problems (when connected to USB, not battery), but all of a sudden, I am unable to connect to GPRS any longer when connected to USB.

Here is the relevant output on my Serial Monitor (I have redacted the device id and thing id from this log on purpose):

[ 1987 ] ***** Arduino IoT Cloud - configuration info *****
[ 1988 ] Device ID:   
[ 1988 ] Thing ID: 
[ 1988 ] MQTT Broker:
[ 14555 ] SIM card ok
[ 14555 ] Connecting to Cellular Network
[ 23871 ] Sending PING to outer space...
[ 28894 ] -2
[ 28894 ] PING failed
[ 28894 ] Retrying in  "500" milliseconds

Make sure the antenna is connected and reset your board.

Any suggestions to getting back GPRS connectivity?

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I've also made sure that the antenna is connected securely. Antenna looks securely connected - still getting this error.

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From the MKR GSM 1400's product page:

During cellular transmissions, the peak current required by the board will exceed 500mA. This is in excess of what can be sourced by a standard USB port, so it is MANDATORY to have a 1500 mAh or higher LiPo battery plugged all the time, the current provided by the USB port will be supplemented by the battery. When powering the board using Vin, a 5V power supply that can supply at least 2A is required.

So you need the battery connected even when you have the USB connected too.