MKR WIFI 1010 FAQ refers to "series of the two batteries"

Hello everyone!

In the FAQ for the MKR WIFI 1010 it says:

"VCC: This pin outputs 3.3V through the on-board voltage regulator. This voltage is 3.3V if USB or VIN is used and equal to the series of the two batteries when they are used"

What is this second battery? I only see a connector for one battery. Is this a mistake or is there another battery connector on this board?

I guess it a mistake resulting from copy/pasting FAQ content from the MKR Fox 1200 product page.

Unlike the others which use a single cell LiPo, that board uses two AA or AAA batteries in series:

The board consumes so little that it runs on two 1,5V batteries type AA or AAA for a really long time.