Mkr1010 wifinina I2C conflict with external EEPROM

I am trying to add an external EEPROM (generic AT24C256) to my MKR1010. I think that the wifinina uses the I2C SDA/SCK for the wifi functions. I want to use the sparkfun EEPROM library. How do I know what address to set the external EEPROM to so it doesn't conflict the I2C address with the wifinina?

Thanks for any advice!

The datasheet has all the information you need

The address is dependent on how you tie A2, A1, and A0. If you connect all these pins to ground, you get



0xA0 for slave_write
0xA1 for slave_read

Run a I2C Scanner sketch to find the I2C address.

Thanks Koepel - I didn't know that there was such a tool. Looking at the sketch, I should have figured out that one myself :slight_smile:

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