MKRFOX1200 powered with batteries check for power


when the MKRFOX1200 is powered with 2xAA batteries and not with the USB cable from a PC, is there a way to check if the board is powered correctly?

On my board no LEDs come on when connected to the 2x AA batteries.

I have done a simple test with an external LED and the batteries are charged alright.

Thankx for any clarificiation.

How do you have it wired?

Battery connector: If you want to connect a battery pack (2x AA or AAA) to your MKRFOX1200 use the screw terminal block.Polarity : as reported on the silk in the bottom of the board, positive pin is the closest to the USB connector

NOTE: Doc specifies 1.5V batteries, rechargeable (1.2V) may not work.