Modbus TCP/IP client not working

I am trying to use arduino uno rev 3 as modbus TCP/IP slave (server) with ethernet shield w5100. On the master simulator on PC i have timeout error. I tried ping command in cmd and arduino answers.

Modbus.ino (2.34 KB)

The ArduinoModbus library is designed for ARM based Arduinos. Arduinos based on the AVR platform don't have enough resources (e.g. RAM) to reliably run that library.

Nevertheless your short sketch should give you some serial output if you send ModbusTCP requests from the PC. Post that output!

I also got the message from the last screenshot when i try to compile the code, but only on the first try, if i try to compile the second time it only has the message in white color.


The serial output clearly shows that the request is received on the Arduino. I guess the RAM isn't sufficient to answer the request. As I wrote that library isn't suited for an AVR Arduino.

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