Modding LEDs on Arduino Clones.

I got several different kinds of SMT 06, 08, 12 and 5050 and various others, So i thought i'd have some fun and try swapping just one of the LED's on the Arduino Clone board (did not want to ruin the real thing)

My most frequent annoyance is that the power LED is too bright - especially at night. ;)

If I were to mod something, it would be to change the resistor to a substantially higher value. Trouble is, one can't as it is part of a resistor pack that has another important purpose.

hmmm, you could probably get around it, unmount the LED.

tack on to the end a resistor ( a 0402 ), move it a little to the right or left and then add the solder.

The smallest I use is 08 maybe 06.... and even with them i'm scared i'll accidentally sneeze or worse, breathe in a bunch of leds and resistors, i don't fancy accidentally eating $6 of components lol :O